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Mistress Eleise is a lifestyle and professional Domina of a classical bent – a traditional English Mistress with a capital M; and in accordance with this doctrine, no pornography or female nudity is to be found on this website. Be forewarned, something far more potent lies within; therefore, you may only enter if you are of legal age and sufficient maturity to understand that this website has been engineered to access and activate your subconscious mind, setting you on the path Mistress considers correct.

In choosing to enter, you signify your desire to follow this path – to enrich and improve yourself through reflection upon descriptions and images of Female dominance, bondage, corporal punishment, feminisation, fetishism, internal enslavement, medical play, role-play, sensual sadism, chastity training, objectification, slave training, and more – so much more. Beyond the trigger-words there lives a realm of subtlety and dreams made real.
So, do you ENTER or RETREAT?