Une version officielle française de mon site sera disponible en Janvier. Pour le moment placez votre curseur sur le corps du texte (pas sur des titres ou hyperliens) et clic droit pour l’option français, ou copier-coller le text en Google Translate. Si vous faites cela, vous devez être conscient de les excentricités de la traduction d’ordinateur!

I am the infamous dominatrix, Mistress Eleise, formerly a resident Domina at The English Mansion and Queen of Femme Fatale Films.

I will be based in Paris, France, for the next few months. If you have ever wanted to serve a classically trained dominatrix, now is your chance. Do not hesitate. I will not be here long, and have limited places available.

As you may have gathered, I am a passionate practitioner of female dominance. Outside this I am also a lover of culture, wilful dilettante, adventuress, pleasure seeker, occasional bitch, and all-round good time. I am, indeed, the film-noir femme fatale brought to life: sadistic, sensual, dangerous, and feminine to a degree that would qualify as exotic in modern society. I seek collaboration with a very few exceptional persons who desire to transcend themselves, to experience extremes of awareness, and escape within my floating world.

I am best suited to advanced players with flexible limits, although I am also happy to work with right-minded novices. At a statuesque 5’10” in stocking feet, easily 6’4″ in heels, I have the physical and intellectual presence to inspire a sense of submission and worship.

Cherished French clients, I am working to improve my skills in your language, but at present only conduct meetings in English; however, I read and write French, so we can make make all essential conditions understood via email before we meet. Rest assured, I am capable of conducting sessions perfectly with little use of language at all. The magnetism in a mere glance can express more than words – and for those who must learn the hard way, other means are always at hand.

Discretion and respect are assured and expected.