Mistress Eleise – London Dominatrix



Mistress Eleise Elite London DominatrixI am the infamous dominatrix, Mistress Eleise, formerly a resident Domina of The English Mansion and Queen of Femme Fatale Films. If you have ever wanted to serve a classically trained dominatrix of the English tradition, now is your chance. Do not hesitate. I have limited places available and a tendency to disappear upon whim.

As you may have gathered from my substantial oeuvre, I am a passionate practitioner of the art of female dominance. Outside this I am also a lover of culture, wilful dilettante, adventuress, pleasure seeker, occasional bitch, and all-round good time. I am, indeed, the film-noir femme fatale brought to life: sadistic, sensual, dangerous, and feminine to a degree that would qualify as exotic in modern society. I seek collaboration with a very few exceptional persons who desire to transcend themselves, to experience extremes of awareness, and escape within my floating world.

I am best suited to advanced players with flexible limits, although I am also happy to work with right-minded novices. At a statuesque 5’10” in stocking feet, easily 6’4″ in heels, I have the physical and intellectual presence to inspire a sense of submission and worship. Discretion and respect are assured and expected.

Cherished French followers, I am working to improve my skills in your language – but due to the precision of understanding required, at present am only conducting meetings in English; however, I read and write French sufficiently well to discuss all conditions via email before we meet. Rest assured, I am fully capable of conducting a scene with little use of language at all. The magnetism in a single glance can convey more than words – and for those who must learn the hard way, other means are always at hand.