Having just returned to London after an extended absence, I now have one position available for household staff. These positions fill quickly and are rarely vacated – thus this being the first such opportunity in over five years. It is not a live-in position; the hours are outlined below. As this is a personal, lifestyle assignment, no money is exchanged either way.

Time-wasters should be aware that I utilise a formidable vetting process that will not excite you in the slightest – not to mention, you won’t get past my secretary, who is far from titillating – so don’t bother. Rewards come to those who are serious and willing to prove it.

Opportunity to Serve

Carré Otis photographed by Michael Roberts, Vogue Italia September 1991


If the smell of furniture polish and the gleam of spotless mirrors brings peace to your soul, if you cherish the thought of shining my shoes and ironing my bed sheets, if you would love to dodge the Hoover around my lover on the sofa as you teeter past in heels… you’re my type of girl. Male-presenting applicants should also feel this way – minus the teetering-in-heels bit.

I have a fondness for feminised housemaids, but would consider an applicant who wishes to work in male service attire as a houseboy or ‘butler’. (To clarify, the tasks would be outside the traditional remit of a butler, but I would be happy to accept one who bears the title and air of a butler, whilst meeting my extended needs. To be a great butler is as much art as service, and this can only enhance any household.) I am absolutely not interested in having a naked male creature toiling in my home. I seek service-oriented, submissive household staff – not a dungeon slave.

Those who apply should thrive on an atmosphere of pleasant formality, where everyone knows their place and appreciates the lovely sense of security this brings. You must be firmly service-oriented, but if you have additional predilections which fit with mine, they could be incorporated, as a training aid, into your régime as pleases me; for instance, chastity, corporal punishment, or humiliation would fall naturally into place. Do not mistake this for some sort of trade, that is to say, service for sessions. If that is what you seek, look elsewhere.


Before you apply, understand that I have enjoyed the benefit of household staff from earliest memory. Serving me will not be a silly game where you flounce about with a feather duster. You will be trained perform at a professional level and in accordance with my personal preferences. You will provide your own uniform which I must approve, and you must pass inspection every time you begin work. Your personal hygiene should be beyond reproach. While I will inevitably perfect your etiquette and protocol skills, you must already understand what it is to be polite.

You will be required a minimum of two hours once a week at my residence in the Royal Borough. If I find you particularly adept, you may also be allowed to serve at parties.

For my peace of mind, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon engagement. Rest assured that in my world this courtesy goes both ways; I am absolutely discreet. I understand and have extensive experience in dealing with celebrated persons, or those in otherwise delicate situations. Privacy is something I take very seriously, so we will make sure all needs and conditions of both parties are discussed and formally agreed upon at the start.


Consider this like any job application for a coveted position. Your initial email must provide all the information requested here. An inability or unwillingness to fulfil this, my first simple request, will result in the application going directly in the bin, where it belongs. A serious effort at correct English will imply pride in your work. If English is not your first language, you need to let me know because allowances will be made in that instance. Point form is acceptable when used correctly for key points. Txt spk is not correct English and gives me a headache. If you use it I will assume there is something wrong with you.

Be sure to list any applicable skills, previous experience, and why I should take you on. Explain where you are based, when you would be available, and for how long. Tell me why you want the position and what you would hope to get from the experience. If you have a uniform, send a photo of yourself in it. If you do not have a uniform, send a photo of yourself that will give me a clear idea of your appearance. No nudity, please. Nude or obscene photos will result in your message being deleted by my secretary before it ever reaches me.

If you have experience serving a professional Domina, then politely ask her for a reference before providing me with her website address and official contact information. Bizarrely, I often have people write to me saying, “I have references but don’t want to give them for x reason.” Don’t do this. I get irritated when people say stupid things to me. You either provide references, or you don’t.

Finally, tell me about yourself personally: your history, education, interests, and so on. Charm me with who you are. A pleasing disposition and truly service-oriented soul are far more important qualifications than your level of experience. I will polish you into the jewel you were meant to be.

Good luck!