My interests are broad and ever-changing. This list highlights my interests but is by no means exhaustive. If you do not see your particular desire here, you are welcome to make a polite enquiry. Bear in mind that I do not entertain requests for body worship, hard sports, or roman showers. There is never any nudity on my part.

Bondage Wheel


Bondage can be used to arouse so many conflicting feelings in you: the reassuring feeling of being held securely in place; the vulnerability of being helpless to escape my attentions; cocooned in total encasement, afloat in space; the aesthetic pleasure of becoming a living work of art, bound in intricate rope.


In 2012 I was given the honour of standing as a judge at The Night of the Cane, a great institution of the UK corporal punishment scene. I am a true Mistress of the English vice and pride myself on the artistic expertise with which I wield my canes, tawses, whips, straps, paddles, birches, and more.


Femininity is an art. Once I have taken my brush to you, you will never be the same. Whether you are seeking a safe place to try dressing for the first time, or looking for the Mistress who will literally transform you as a human being – I have the special expertise to make it happen.

Mistress Eleise London Dominatrix and EducatorFETISHISM

Be forewarned, I know how to exploit your weaknesses to afford my pleasure. Polish the latex that clings to my slim and curvaceous form. Be smothered in my leather gloves or trained at the heel of my boot. Ache with torment triggered by the swish of my stockings, or the jingling of that key you so desperately want me to use.

Of particular interest to me is dressing for pleasure, such pleasure! From fully-fashioned Manhattan stockings to Meiji kimono, I am a devoted connoisseur of the sartorial arts. Boots, gloves, stiletto heels, quality leather of any stripe (including handbags), silk, furs, and bespoke-fitted anything – all send me into the stratosphere. I also have a growing collection of real military and medical uniforms along with daily wear of great fetishistic appeal, like my equestrian dress.


This is perhaps the ultimate game, for no part of you is safe from me here. My spell is woven of pure, intuitive, predatory femininity. I seem eternally distant, yet each subtle gesture and every turn of my voice is engineered to encroach upon your soul. The machinery of logic fails. In a flash you realise you are too many moves behind to save yourself – yet this revelation is ecstasy. You came to me for a reason. Your fate was sealed from the start. PLAY

I stand in my crisp white uniform and cap, reading your chart. Your heart can’t help but beat faster, wondering how invasive the treatment I prescribe will be.


Let’s unfold phantasies together: strict school mistress, demanding boss, domestic disciplinarian, international spy, ruthless interrogator – the possibilities are limitless.


If you harbour fantasies of knowing the presence of that rarest of creatures, a sadist cloaked in the form of a beautiful woman, this is your chance. I find your suffering erotic beyond compare and will employ my years of experience as a torturer to expertly unravel and explore your body and mind. As I gaze into your eyes, how far will you go in your efforts to satisfy my cruelty?

For those who are new to the pleasure of pain, I am very happy to cultivate your capabilities at a measured pace. I am a professional and your limits will always be respected. It is in my interest to play the long game, to addict you to suffering at my hand.

For advanced players at the extreme end of the spectrum, you have found your place. We were made for each other. There is no limit to how much pain I am willing to cause you; I am extremely generous and creative in this regard. Beg, scream, cry, faint – you will only encourage me.


Slave training, maid training, strap-on training, chastity training… whatever you are or whatever you ache for, I will improve you. I am a perfectionist of the perverse, and you will be made to meet my standards.

Chastity training in particular is a vivid interest at the moment. Surely your sexuality would be best controlled by me! Whether you blossom under studied control of your sexual impulses, or it is better to provoke your desire, leaving it to rage against its cage – I’m equally happy in either instance. Subverted male sexuality is excellent fuel, in the right hands. I believe all men should have an experience of being locked in chastity. You can’t truly appreciate something until you’ve had it taken away.