Elysium – The Emporium of Mistress Eleise

Welcome to the emporium of Mistress Eleise. You will find a range items available here.

These items, whether in like-new condition or showing the scars my love inevitably causes, have all been worn and adored by me and are imbued with my essence. You desire to have something of mine, something of me, close to you Рbut is it safe?

Have you considered that an item you possess, could come to possess you?

Whether you desire an emblematic piece featured in one of my iconic Femdom films, or a personal keepsake ‘stolen’ from my private life – quite simply, this is the opportunity for devotees to be owned by an item owned by me.

Purchase. Worship. Awaken.

N.B. Click ‘older entries’ at the bottom of the page for more.

There will soon be a wider range of items including my stockings, lingerie, and other personal items which inspire worship.

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